Baton rouge business report circulation problems

While Allison was stalling over Texas, it dropped very heavy rainfall across the state. In the Port of Houstona total of The six-day rainfall in Houston amounted to

Baton rouge business report circulation problems

It was founded as a military academy and is still today steeped in military tradition, giving rise to the school's nickname "The Ole War Skule. Modeled initially after Virginia Military Institutethe institution opened with five professors and nineteen cadets on January 2,with Colonel William Tecumseh Sherman as superintendent.

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The school closed on June 30, baton rouge business report circulation problems, with the start of the American Civil War. Downtown Baton Rouge Campus Historical Marker During the course of the war, the university reopened briefly in Aprilbut was closed once again with the invasion of the Red River Valley by the Union Army.

The losses sustained by the institution during the Union occupation were heavy, and after the seminary remained closed for the remainder of the Civil War.

Following the surrender of the Confederates at Appomattox Court House on April 9,General Sherman donated two cannons to the institution. These cannons had been captured from Confederate forces after the close of the war and had been used during the initial firing upon Fort Sumter in April On November 1,the institution resumed its exercises in Baton Rouge, where it has since remained.

baton rouge business report circulation problems

Inthe name of the institution was officially changed to Louisiana State University. It temporarily opened in New Orleans, June 1,where it remained until it merged with Louisiana State University in She was admitted into a program to pursue a master's degree.

The following year,LSU admitted sixteen female students to its freshman class as part of an experimental program. Prior to this, LSU's student body was all-male.

Read, was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. Land for the present campus was purchased inconstruction started inand the move began in ; however, it was not until that the move was finally completed.

The campus was originally designed for students, but was cut back due to budget problems. After some years of enrollment fluctuation, student numbers began a steady increase, new programs were added, curricula and faculty expanded, and a true state university emerged. InHuey Pierce Long, Jr.

ByLSU had the finest facilities in the South, a top-notch faculty of professors, a new medical school, more than 6, students, and a winning football team.

In only eight years, it had risen in size from 88th in the nation to 20th, and it was the 11th largest state university in the nation.

Long financed these improvements by arranging for the state to purchase acreage from the old LSU campus, which adjoined the grounds of the new State Capitol building in downtown Baton Rouge.

In the ensuing investigation, at least twenty state officials were indicted. Two committed suicide as the scandal enveloped Governor Richard W. Lechewho received a year federal prison sentence as a result of a kickback scheme.

His case was ultimately decided by the U. Tureaud returned to LSU in A classroom building on the LSU campus is named for his father, the late A. The federal courts mandated full integration for LSU in InLSU was named a sea-grant college, the 13th university in the nation to be so designated.

In addition to accepting displaced students, university officials also took on the challenge of housing and managing many hurricane victims, converting the Pete Maravich Assembly Center into a fully functional field hospital. Around 3, LSU students volunteered during the months after Katrina, assisting with the administration of medical treatment to some 5, evacuees and screening another 45, for various diseases.How to contact The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

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Change has been thrust upon this iconic brand that simultaneously clings to its roots of providing Southern comfort-food cafeteria-style while also evolving to remain relevant—and profitable—in a restaurant world undergoing seismic disruption, as Business .

baton rouge business report circulation problems

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THERE’S NO EASY WAY to describe what P&N Tech does. “We are one of the best-kept IT secrets in Baton Rouge,” says Director of Engineering Geoff Smarada. “There’s a whole lot to what we do.”While it’s difficult to describe everything that P&N Tech does, what they do not do is implement technology for technology’s sake.

The company, .

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