Being the president to being a homeless person

Magadini wanted to use that defense to argue that his behavior was justified for a person trying to escape extreme temperatures. Advertisement In a unanimous, ruling, the court threw out six trespassing convictions.

Being the president to being a homeless person

The person who's at the top of the hierarchical structure is often the leader, or in some countries, the President. He who holds the lowest ranking in the hierarchy is the homeless person. The obvious similarities between these two people are that they are human beings living on the same Earth.

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That's where many people believe their similarities end. To one extreme is the president, who is always by many and disliked by few, to the other extreme a homeless person, who is disliked by many and helped by few.

Some responsibilities include promoting quality, free education, adequate health care, adequate child care, and better public transportation, while a homeless person is free to do whatever he or she wants. Nevertheless, homeless people will usually beg for money in public places and some homeless people will perform by playing musical instruments in subways or on the street, so that they can earn a few dollars.

Often, homeless people are otherwise normal citizens who became overwhelmed by mental problems or other emotionally disabling condition.

A homeless person often is born into this quandary and struggles to make ends meet from the start. On the other hand, a president has more than enough wealth for an average person to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

In some third world countries, the President often takes advantage of their corrupt policies and are at times exposed for stealing money from the government or accepting dirty money to fill their personal bank accounts.

Education In order to become a President of a country, one must be highly educated, competent, and responsible enough to run a country.

As a prerequisite, a President should at least have a master's degree in some countries. On the other hand, a homeless person might not even have a high school degree, but not necessarily, well educated people can also become homeless, due to some turn of event, that happens to change one's financial situation for the worst.

Being the president to being a homeless person

It's quite possible for someone to have a good job and a master's degree at one point, but may become homeless later in life. The great depression is a perfect example of this.

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Similarities and Differences A President of a country is admired by his people; he or she is a role model for the citizens of his country. Being a President of a country is highest, most respected job in the world. A homeless person has little or no job responsibility, while a president of a country has the biggest responsibility, which is running the country in the right direction.

A homeless person has no personal wealth; while a president of a country can have a fortune stacked away somewhere. A President of a country is usually well educated, and is highly competent.

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While a homeless person may or may not be well educated, it all depends of his background history. Each of these people are members of the human family and deserve to be provided with basic living essentials. Who has the most stressful life?If a person literally has nowhere else to go, then enforcement of the anti-camping ordinance against that person criminalizes her for being homeless.

Ireland’s New President, Other European. CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A community-wide plan was announced Monday to combat homeless families' needs not being met.

The plan, Solutions for Family Homelessness, involved participation of .

The homeless residents in the woods are being asked to leave the property. (Photo: XAVIER MASCAREÑAS/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS) Martin County is a wealthy community with a growing homeless problem. Compare And Contrast Being The President To Being A Homeless Person  Being Homeless Kaplan University HN 1. In your text on Pages , the author discusses his research on the homeless population. He refers to the many routes one can take to become homeless. Choose two populations from his list that you might work with in your career as human services professional. A homeless man in downtown San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone By Anne Rios. A woman fights back tears as she describes how staff at a San Diego hospital dismissed her pleas to help a homeless man.

On a typical Tuesday night, Braeden Mannering is tucked into bed by 9 p.m. His bedtime, he told TIME via telephone Saturday morning, is p.m.

on school nights and 30 minutes later on Fridays. And “homeless” doesn’t always refer to a destitute person sleeping beside a dumpster. Lots of people live “off the grid” rather comfortably. The hard part is getting a gun legally. Denver Homeless Out Loud, too, has ideas about how to get from homeless to housed.

One of them is a Homeless Bill of Rights that would, among other things, ensure the right to sleep without being woken up and told to move along. To be eligible for a bed in the shelter system, a person needs to be documented in Middlesex County’s Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) database.

According to HUD, “HMIS is a local information technology system used to collect client-level data and the data on the provision of housing and services to homeless individuals and.

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