Btec ict level 3 unit 12 p6

Posted by admin Introduction A Graphical image is any image either created or manipulated on a computer, either produced in bitmap and vector formats. Software such as Photoshop or Fireworks are able to create and edit graphical images. Figure 1 — McDonalds Logo Figure one shows the mcdonalds logo, represented in vector format — in which the images is made from lines plotted on a canvas, these lines are represented on screen in pixels, however these images are scalable and quality will not decrease when scaling up — unlike bitmap images, where scaling will distort the image, making the individual pixels larger, meaning that the image quality is reduced. An example of IP is a small business, whom have created a unique logo for their laundrette business, if another business were to take this logo and pass it off as their own, they would be breaking the IP law and therefore legal action could be taken against the other company.

Btec ict level 3 unit 12 p6

Monday, 29 May Unit 13 - P2 [2. Include annotated photos as evidence of this process. Disk Defragmentation Defragging the system compiles all the scattered files that have been broken down into small fragments and puts them back into one whole file. Making it faster for the processor to find the saved file.

This reduces time and saves the CPU from searching through random clusters of memory to locate the file, also creating more empty file space for future files.

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Anti-Virus After reviewing the anti-virus on the computer system in A2. Without anti-virus software, the system cannot detect harmful programs that could be installed via USB or downloaded on the internet. Task 3 — Selecting Upgrades [3. P3] After troubleshooting the computer system in A2.

Btec ict level 3 unit 12 p6

If the BITSS can budget for an updated hard drive or extra RAM, then it will certainly speed up the performance of the computer speed, opening files, loading programs etc. Looking at the computer system in A2. I recommend upgrading to AVG anti-virus for a free protection then when the BITSS can afford to budget a cost effective anti-virus such as commercially rated Norton Anti-virus for a more improved system protection.

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Also investing in an Anti-virus suite you will receive extra protection features such as firewall defenders, tune-ups, back-ups, and for home users, parental controls. Other recommendations for software upgrades will improve the computer systems in A2.Level 3 BTEC Unit 3 - Information Systems.

Learning Outcomes. Management and processing of information (Criteria P4, P6, M2, M3, D2) Assignment 2. Lesson 12 - Constraints on the use of information (Criteria P5) Assignment 3.

Btec ict level 3 unit 12 p6

hints for assignment 3, incl. resource links for legislation Hints and resources.

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Recommended reading. BTEC Level 3 Diploma in ICT Year 1 Unit No & Title Assignment No & Title Learning Aim Assessment Criteria Hand Out Date Hand In Date Unit 1: Communication and Employability Skills for IT.

Bluetooth communication speed of 1 Mbps. 1 IrDA-SIR (slow speed) infrared supporting data rates up to Kbps IrDA-MIR (medium speed) infrared supporting data rates up to 9. 3G network can has speed of up to 3Mps which can download 3minutes of Mp3 song in 15second.

3G is mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect. The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations - This statutory instrument, which came into force on 31 October , is designed to protect consumers from .

Dear all this is what I have planned for you to do in my absence on Tuesday AM Registration with Miss Trumpeter in H7 Period 1 Year 11 BTEC Business. Oct 28,  · BTEC National in Information and Communication Technology (Level: 3) – Unit 22 Developing Computer Games.

Date: October 28, Author: tech6f. You have just graduated from H6FC with a BTEC National Diploma in ICT awarded by Edexcel; and found a temporary job in a newly established games development studio as a games tester.