Full day kindergarten programs

This is great news for the state of Missouri.

Full day kindergarten programs

Kindergarten Full Day Build a Passion for Learning Our full day kindergarten program focuses on early learnings in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, health and life skills, and the fine arts.

Our dynamic instruction methods create a bridge from junior kindergarten to the academic expectations of elementary school.

Full day kindergarten programs

We include early learning in information and communication technology with all our instructional activities.

The Building Blocks for Successful Students Communication Early communication skills at Asasa focus on constructing their own understanding of how oral and written language is formed.

Our mathematical programs explore this tendency and enhance it using pictures and objects to gain a beginning understanding of math and numbers. Personal and Social Responsibility Developing skills that are necessary for success across all areas of academics is a vital process for young children.

In our program they will begin to accept rules and routines that are necessary for success in later school years. Self-Esteem Our kindergarten program strives to develop a strong sense of identity, self-awareness and belonging.

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These character traits will provide the foundation for children to become active and responsible citizens.

Physical Education Early childhood is the necessary time for children to develop active, healthy lifestyles. Your child will learn about the habits, behaviours, interactions and decisions related to healthy living and daily well-being.

Creativity The Asasa kindergarten program encourages children to express their thoughts and feelings through visual arts, music, drama and movement. As they become aware of their own imaginations and creativity, they develop an appreciation for creative expression.

What are the educational advantages?

Our teachers help your child build a positive attitude toward academics, excitement for physical activity and creative expression. Upcoming Events Saturday November 17th, 9:This means that children enrolled in full-day kindergarten programs are in school approximately 32 hours per week, whereas half-day students are in school only 16 hours per week (Lee et al, ).

This is a 5 day, full day program running Monday through Friday from pm. Kindergarten Enrichment This half-day program is designed for children who are 5 by December 31st of the current school year and who are attending Kindergarten in another ½ day program.

Full-Day programs experience additional curriculum experiences in Computer Technology, Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Our curriculum provides plenty of time for play and allows children to practice Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Skills. In full day kindergarten programs more time is available to develop the necessary social and academic skills children need for success later on (“Full-day and half-day kindergarten in the United States”, ).

Full day programs have become more and more popular in the past few decades.

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Quality child care AND kindergarten programs. At the Work-Family Connection, we also offer working parents the best full day option or extended day kindergarten services in districts that only offer ½ day kindergarten. Parents that use our kindergarten wrap around services have told us time and again that their children learn MORE in the WFC portion of their day than they do in their own.

Full day kindergarten programs

Kindergarten. New Jersey Kindergarten Entry Assessment. New Jersey Kindergarten Implementation Guidelines. High-Quality Kindergarten Today High-Quality Kindergarten Today is a 3-part series that highlights best practices in kindergarten based on the comprehensive NJ Kindergarten .

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