How to write a section 125 cafeteria plan

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How to write a section 125 cafeteria plan

how to write a section 125 cafeteria plan

Wood, who once said "one universal benefit program can no longer do the job," was the originator of flexible compensation due to the fact American corporations and households were becoming increasingly dynamic and globalized.

As quoted in his chapter of the business publication, Business, Work, and Benefits: Adjusting to Change produced by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, "Wood's framework creates a specific detailed picture.

The concepts include the establishment of a basic "safety net" of benefits to cover financial hazards associated with old age, death and disability, and catastrophic medical expenses, with supplementary benefits offered on a defined contribution basis".

Before this notice, reimbursements were permitted only for claims incurred during the plan year.

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Under the new ruling, an employee who participates in a Flexible Spending Account plan ending December 31 can still receive reimbursement for claims incurred through March 15 if the extended grace period is adopted by the employer.

Since the "use it or lose it" fear of many employees was reduced significantly by the expanded claims reimbursement cycle, and access to funds can now be better targeted for purchases that the employee actually needs, there has been a clear increase in both the percentage of employees opting to participate in a Flex Plan and in the level of annual elections, enhancing FICA savings for employees and employers alike.

Features and benefits[ edit ] Employees of employers with cafeteria plans may obtain such benefits as health insurance, group-term life insurance, voluntary "supplemental" insurance dental, vision, cancer, hospital confinement, accident, etc.


Though some cafeteria plans offer an explicit choice of cash or benefits, most today are operated through a "salary redirection agreement", which is a payroll deduction in all but name. Deductions under such agreements are often called pre-tax deductions.

Salary redirection contributions are not actually or constructively received by the participant. Both parties save on taxes and therefore increase their spendable income. Employees' pretax contributions are not subject to federal, state, or social security taxes.

A change in status event includes changes in the number of an employee's dependents.

how to write a section 125 cafeteria plan

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Included plans. Employers can choose to set up “cafeteria plans” under section of the Internal Revenue Code for a variety of reasons. These cafeteria plans allow employees to set aside pre-tax income for certain employer-offered benefits.

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Section Cafeteria Plan. A Cafeteria Plan (includes Premium Only Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts) is an employee benefits program designed to take .

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