Jesus as our holy priest essay

How is Jesus Our High Priest? In the Old Testament the high priest was the number one person spiritual leader. There were various levels and orders of priests in Judaism, but there was only one high priest. He represented the nation of Israel on the Day of Atonement.

Jesus as our holy priest essay

For just a moment, take the fact that the Holy God became sin for us out of the equation. Why did he endure the suffering associated with humanity?

Why did Jesus give up everything and enter into the world with nothing? Entering as a hostage under the dominion of Satan to redeem mankind from his control. This is an important question to ask because finding the answer will help you understand this amazing truth: Jesus suffered through the human experience to be perfectly equipped for His office as our High Priest.

He presided over the Sanhedrin and was in charge of the temple rituals to make sure they were carried out according to the law. This means he would act as an advocate for the people before God. He was allowed into the Holy of Holies to make intercession for the people, meeting with God.

The priest only had access on this day otherwise he, like the rest, was confined to the outer chambers forbidden from entering into the presence of God. On the Day of Atonement he would take blood into the Holy of Holies to pour out on the mercy seat as an offering to God.

This is how he interceded for the people. It is important to know that the High Priest also had to offer this sacrifice for his own sins, as well as for the sins of the people. Over the next four days we will look at Hebrews 2: We will look at the role of the High Priest.

We will look at how suffering perfected Jesus for this office. We will look at the oath promised to Jesus by God when He was made our High Priest and we will see how we can approach God because of this oath.Because Jesus is our great high priest, we’ve got a friend in high places. We’ve got connections in heaven.

We’ve got a friend at the throne of grace who delights to answer our prayers. The Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament which contains the body and blood, soul of our Lord Jesus Christ under the appearances of bread and wine. Confirmation is a Sacrament through which we receive the Holy Spirit to make us strong and perfect Christians.

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Jesus as our holy priest essay

Print As Priests we have access to the Holy of holies through Jesus Christ just like the Old Testament Priests had through the blood of the bulls and goats. Christ himself is our propitiatory sacrifice. As a priest he spoke and still speaks to God on behalf of us and speaks to us.

Some time ago, the Holy See gave episcopal conferences the possibility of introducing into their particular calendars the liturgical observance of the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ Eternal High.

Jesus as our holy priest essay

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Find out how Jesus our High Priest takes us into the Holy of Holies. Learn to cooperate with Jesus our High Priest and abide in the Blood Dimension.

Getting to Know Your Father in Heaven.

How is Jesus our High Priest?