Nursing mission statement essay

Nursing Personal Vision Statement Examples nursing personal vision statement examples The vision statement of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, for example, includes the phrase a culture of excellence in healthcare, medical education, readiness, and research. Likewise, the VA North Texas Health Care System states its goal of excellence in health care, research and education in its vision statement.

Nursing mission statement essay

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Being so, he is not only a teacher, but also a speaker, consultant, and author of several books in astronomy, mathematics, statistics, and life in the universe. He is a founder of the company Big Kid Science and has developed a more educational version of the solar system.

Mission Statement My professional activities are guided by a deep personal sense of mission, driven by my belief that our civilization is at a critical juncture in history. The crisis is manifested by symptoms like environmental degradation, explosive population growth, and losses of individual freedom.

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I maintain that the cause of these symptoms, however, can be traced to the fact that human understanding — and therefore human behavior — has not advanced in step with human knowledge. This discordance between knowledge and understanding is particularly acute in science and technology, and it has grown rapidly over the past century.

The problem is familiar in a such areas as nuclear technology, where many of the scientists who developed the atomic bomb were unprepared for the political fallout that followed, and in the field of medicine where scientific advances routinely raise ethical questions.

Nevertheless, I believe the problem goes far deeper than generally recognized, especially when we consider the gulf between the knowledge held by specialists and the broad understanding of the public. Indeed, I argue that most people are unaware of basic relationships between humanity and the natural world spawned by our advances in science and technology.

The result, I believe, is that most people — including most policy makers — are presently unprepared to confront the significant challenges facing our survival.

I am further driven by a sense of urgency, as I believe that continuation of current trends in such areas as population growth, species extinction, resource depletion, and weapons proliferation would lead to a global disaster within my lifetime.

If we are to avert this end we must change our course, and our course can be changed only through education. My personal mission, which I intend to carry-out in my career, is to contribute toward the goal of global education with emphasis on promoting understanding of the relationship between humanity and the natural world.

The challenge of educating the masses of humanity is daunting, but I have great faith in the human spirit.

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I imagine the process of education becoming one of a chain reaction, with each small effort multiplied as individuals share their newly gained understanding with others. As we learn to understand our world, I believe that we also will develop the tools that can enable us to secure a peaceful, stable, and prosperous future for centuries to come.

It is from this framework that I will develop approaches and programs to be implemented in my career.Mission and Values Agency Mission. The mission of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely.

Statement of Purpose A statement of purpose is a common requirement of many graduate nursing programs. It is designed to help the admissions team find out more about who you are and what drives you to want to be a FNP.

Nursing Personal Vision Statement Examples.

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nursing personal vision statement examples The vision statement of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, for example, includes the phrase a culture of excellence in healthcare, medical education, readiness, and research.

Position statements are an important part of the overall agenda of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN). AMSN has defined position statements that are directed at achieving the mission, vision and strategic plan of the association. They can be . Writing a personal mission statement offers the opportunity to establish what’s important in your professional life.

Nursing mission statement essay

A personal mission statement is often an integral part of a job or graduate-level application as it provides reviewers with insights into an applicant’s strengths in, and philosophies regarding, the discipline.

Nursing Mission Statement.

Nursing mission statement essay

Nursing Mission Statement;My mission is to provide a high quality of care to patients and their families in the community based on my strong commitment to practice, education, research, and collaboration.

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