Paper snowflake designs

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Paper snowflake designs

I like them for a few reasons. They can be used all winter long. I finally learned how to make a decent looking one with the help of Pinterest. I have seen a similar version of this paper snowflakes window treatment on Pinterest, but they require you to sew the snowflakes together on a machine or use fishing line to connect them.

Recently I was at the fabric store to buy some supplies for another project when I saw this yarn. It is called Spark-a-Doodle by Red Heart.

It grabbed my attention. I do not know how to knit, but knew I would find a use for it someday. The yarn I used above is no longer sold, but you can use this chunky white yarn.

They are like hot glue, but are all ready to use. Paper crafters and scrap bookers use them often. I remember when hot glue and a glue gun became mainstream — it changed so much in the DIY world. They make doing any project that requires glue of some sort —neat and easy! The best part — no glue gun burns or glue residue strings on your projects.

I have included a full tutorial on how to make pretty snowflakes at the end of this post. Once you have all of your snowflakes cut out, press them with an medium temperature iron to remove some of the fold lines. On the more intricate snowflakes, I used a fabric napkin as a pressing cloth so I would not damage any of the details on the snowflakes.

I found it was easier to attach the snowflakes to the pom-poms on the yarn when the yarn was hanging from the window. I mounted a tension rod to my window and tied 3 pieces of yarn from it that were the length of my window. I spread the pieces across the window so the snowflakes would be centered in the window panes.

You could add as many as you want to fill up your window.

Paper snowflake designs

I figured out where I wanted each snowflake to go and lined them up with the pom-poms on each piece of yarn. I attached a Tacky Dot on the snowflake where it would meet the pom pom. I found it easier to attach the dots to the snowflakes first and then the pom poms. If using regular yarn: The pom-poms on the pom-pom yarn I used are spaced about 4-inches apart.

If you are using regular yarn, make a knot in the yarn every 4 inches and use the knot as the place to add the glue dot to. The directions say not to touch the dots with your hands as they may lose a little bit of their stickiness.

I simply unrolled the strip of dots as I worked down each piece of yarn hanging from the window. I pressed the dot to the back of each snowflake and then rubbed over the clear sheet and then peeled the sheet away from the Tacky Dot.

I then pressed the dot on the snowflake to a pom-pom. Most of the Tacky Dots came off very easily. I positioned the snowflakes so there was at least one or two pom-poms on each snowflake. It was quite easy and took me less than 10 minutes for each window — I did two windows with the hanging snowflakes.

This photo shows the pom-pom is centered on the back of the snowflake. Here you can see there are 3 pom-poms.Cut + Fold - Kirigami Snowflakes Here's a little holiday crafting fun for you - the prettiest kirigami snowflakes!

While I prefer to cut kirigami designs from origami paper, I can understand that not everyone has it lying around the house. In her snowflake cutting how-to, Ashley reveals the secret to making an elaborate six-pointed snowflake: It's all in the fold.

Start with a square piece of paper, follow her step-by-step folding instructions, then let your scissors do the you've got the basics down, let the flurry of projects that follow inspire you. A scrappy snowflake star.

I mashed up two of Carol Doak’s patterns again from her “50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Star” book – this time Oklahoma and Ohio. My pieces count on this one is – the Oklahoma block is a little fiddly.

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December 9, Wonderful DIY Paper Snowflakes With Pattern. is an up-and-coming community of people specialized in high-quality and on-trend cool projects and tutorials in home design, fashion, and crafts.

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Create an original winter atmosphere in your home by simply making paper snowflakes, and enjoy the view of beautiful snowflakes. My free printable snowflake pattern and snowflake template collection has a wide range of different designs to suit everyone's taste and mood!

To make snowflakes are ideal Christmas crafts for kids and adults alike.

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