Tattoo and piercing essays

A look at the evolution of tattoosand piercings Rated: For many teens these days, it isnt common to have a tattoo or a piercing. Almost as common as having a cell phone or those new hip shoes, and most often, its just as expensive! Now, we all know there are many arguements about tattoos and piercings, both for and against them.

Tattoo and piercing essays

It can be found in the fall Labor Law Journal Volume 61 issue 3 pages The article will focus on employer actions in taking a limiting stance on tattoos and piercing, employee defenses for defying employer on this subject, and the developments in litigation on the subject.

The next section discussed decisions against the plaintiffs starting with four cases based on constitutional claims. The first case discussed is Riggs vs. City of Fort Worth, decided by a federal district court in In this case Riggs a police officer assigned to a bicycle unit was order by the Chief of Police wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to cover his tattoos.

Riggs was of Celtic descent and claimed he was being singled out because of his race, national origin, sex, and statements of expression, and denied his equal protection rights because the 15 other tattooed officers in the department were not subject to the same clothing requirement.

The court decided against the plaintiff on both counts. The discrimination claim was denied because some of the other officers not required the same dress code were white and male.

Court found that his tattoos were not protected under his first amendment rights.

Tattoo and piercing essays

His claim of retaliation also lacked evidence other than proximity in time. The next the author cited an unpublished opinion in Montoya vs. Giusto by a federal magistrate in Oregon. The court rule there was no evidence the tattoos motivated the discharge.

The fourth was a decision by a federal court in Connecticut where the chief of police ordered several of his officers to cover spider-wed tattoos after he learned they commonly symbolized race hatred.

Even though the officers were unaware of the meaning, the court found first amendment rights did not apply and there was no evidence of discrimination. All charges were dismissed. Next the author addressed two decisions against the plaintiffs relating to religious claims. He sued on the bases of religious discrimination.

If these are proven, the employer must make reasonable accommodation unless it would cause an undue hardship on the employers business.

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The court found Swatzentruber fail to prove covering the tattoo conflicted with his belief and never told the employer about the conflict. Furthermore, the court concluded not covering the tattoo would cause undue hardship on the employer because it would create a hostile work environment.

The next case, a first circuit court of appeals Cloutier vs. Costco, turned to body piercing discrimination. In this case, Cloutier, a cashier, got an eyebrow piercing after being hired. During the same time, Costco changed their dress code to prohibit all facial piercing.

She was fired after the company refused her accommodation request and she accrued several unexcused absences due to failure to comply with the dress code. The court on the other hand, found an accommodation to cover her eyebrow piercing was reasonable because she did not object to wear a blouse that covered the tattoos on her torso.

The appeals court up held the ruling stating not covering the piercing could cause undue hardship to the company in the way of potential lost sales due.Instead of a new hair cut or color, or maybe even a new pair of shoes or a new shirt, younger people like to get a new tattoo or a new piercing.

I myself enjoy piercings and tattoos; it is a great. The current Texas law states that any person under the age of 18 must have parental permission before getting a tattoo or any body piercing.

Identification is required to verify the persons age. I feel that by the age of 16, any student should have the authority to express themselves in .

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The Tattoos and Body Piercings Essay Example | Graduateway Employee Rights It's important when correcting unfairness or tattoo discrimination to not do so at the expense of others' rights.

Philippine Tattoo Essays. Batek: Traditional Tattoos Batek: Traditional Tattoos and Identities in Contemporary Kalinga, North Luzon Philippines Analyn Ikin V. Salvador-Amores ABSTRACT In the early 16th century, traditional tattooing is widespread in the Philippines, but . Get Expert Essay Editing Help > Build Your Thesis Statement > Log in.

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5 pages. An Analysis of Tattoo.

Tattoo and piercing essays

1, words. 4 pages. Tattoos & Piercings in the Workplace PHI Shelley Hipps College America Abstract This paper focuses on the subject of whether or not tattoos and piercings should be allowed in the workplace. College Writing II Rough Draft 3/15/10 Body piercing and tattoos are a great form of artwork to the world.

People get tattoos and piercings because it is a type of style that some people just want to have and it pleases there type of style.

Tattoos and Piercings Research Essay, an essay fiction | FictionPress