The night was darkening round me

For some at Christmas, God seems hidden in our long silent night, but even at the heart of suffering, grace abounds. But first, a disclaimer that I have made before:

The night was darkening round me

Tweet Before trying to extend a nap, first make sure you have read over the post Short Naps and have ruled out some of the common causes of short naps hunger, over tiredness, light etc. Take note that if a baby has slept for 30 minutes or more the chances of him falling to sleep again are decreased especially unassisted because he has had some of the tiredness "knocked off".

How to extend a nap As a mini-nap is nearing it's end you can attempt to go to your baby and soothe him back to sleep. You can either go in shortly before your baby normally awakens and begin the soothing routine, or go in as soon as you hear your baby awaken.

It is sometimes better if a dad rather than a breastfeeding mom does this as baby may smell mom's milk and want to eat even if he isn't very hungry. Also, this method is sometimes stimulating to a baby rather than soothing, it just depends on your child's personality.

How will you know the mini nap is coming near an end? Well, if your baby is waking up after the first sleep cycle see Sleep Transitions then most likely you will have figured out, almost to the minute, how long your baby will sleep before The night was darkening round me.

If your baby is waking up at random times, then listen in for arousal sounds of your baby. The soothing method you choose do do depends on you and your baby's preferences. You could do the shush-pathold your baby quietly, rock your baby, do part of your wind down routine, place a hand on your baby's back and offer comforting words or whatever seems to work for you.

You can put your baby in the swing if he likes it and it is soothing to him to help soothe your baby back to sleep. If you want the swing to work, you need a decent one or baby will just be uncomfortable or aggitated.

IMO, this is the best one out there right now. You may want to try The Baby Whisperer's method of shush-patwake to sleep or P. You may leave your baby to CIO well, some babies may actually play instead of cry at this time when they wake early from a nap in hopes that they will eventually be able to put themselves back to sleep and no longer fully awaken when they reach light sleep.

Generally, the less time they sleep during a nap before awakening the more time you should leave them alone to CIO after the awakening. How long should you let them CIO? This depends on which method of sleep training see index you choose to follow and what you are personally comfortable with.

Generally, if baby isn't asleep after 20 minutes, he won't be falling back asleep. Make sure your baby doesn't have any needs such as hunger or gas when attempting this and that you are not expecting too much from your baby e. Often, if you soothe baby back to sleep he will over time assuming you are putting baby to sleep awake be able to make it through this sleep transition by himself.

Four to six months is a common time that many babies start to extend out their naps, either on their own, or with some form of sleep training. So this is a good time to try out CIO for short naps either for the first time, or again if the first time didn't work.

If it doesn't work at this age, then wait a while longer and try it again. The right timing which trial and error helps you figure out is often all you need to end this "problem" in a matter of days. Keep in mind that babies that are awake instead of sleeping are probably going to get hungrier sooner, especially if they breastfed and by their food source--good ole mom.

If you normally get your baby from a nap after so much time, sometimes leaving him to sleep as long as he wants for all naps for a few days can 1 help make up some sleep debt and 2 help him get out of a troublesome waking pattern with naps.

The night was darkening round me

You can leave baby for a few minutes to see if he'll go back to sleep by himself. If he doesn't, then you can go in and help baby go back to sleep. This method's effectiveness depends on the baby.

Some kids will become wide awake and not easily go back to sleep if they try and fail to go back to sleep by themselves. Something to keep in mind Extending a nap doesn't always work.

He has the potential right now to be a long napper, he simply has a hard time with sleep transitions on his own. Keep in mind that this isn't always successful.

And remember that consistency makes all the difference: IF your baby is older than a few months of age, you may want try a more aggressive method listed above cio to see if it helps baby take a long nap without a sleep prop. Fighting it and being upset about it just makes things harder.

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The night is darkening round me, The only poems by Emily Brontë that were published in her lifetime were included in a slim volume by Brontë and her sisters Charlotte and Anne titled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell (), which sold a mere two copies and received only three.

The Night is Darkening Round Me is a wonderful little collection of passionate and powerful poems by Emily Brontë.

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I really enjoyed the poems, there's some real good stuff in here! I really enjoyed the poems, there's some real good stuff in here!/5. This Advent, the Church entered a Year of Grace. For some at Christmas, God seems hidden in our long silent night, but even at the heart of suffering, grace abounds.

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